NEWSNotice of proposed motion to merge John Carpenter Club and City of London School AlumniNotice of proposed motion to merge John Carpenter Club and City of London School Alumni

Wednesday, 10/4/2023

Notice of Proposed Motion to Merge JCC with CLS Alumni; to be voted on by JCC Members at the scheduled AGM on 29th November 2023

At the 2022 AGM the then President, Neil Morisetti, included in his Report of the General Committee (GC) reference to the outline plan to review the governance of the JCC to ensure that the club is able to deliver its agreed strategic objectives, giving consideration to factors including, but not solely: the JCC brand, financial model, data, and administrative support and toreport back at the 2023 AGM.

Since then the GC has been working with the School, the Chairman of Governors and the JCC CIO (Peter Earl) to identify what such a revision would look like. After careful consideration and reflecting the need to maximise engagement with Old Citizens, whilst making best use of resources and removing duplication, it was unanimously agreed by those attending the September GC meeting that the most effective way of doing this was the merger of the JCC and the CLS Alumni, to form the John Carpenter Alumni Community.

Accordingly, in order to give effect to such a merger, the GC also agreed that this proposal should be put to JCC Members at the forthcoming AGM, scheduled to take place at CLS on the 29thNovember 2023.

Details of the proposal, including Terms of Reference for the John Carpenter Alumni Advisory Group (JCAAG) and the intentions for both Charitable and Non Charitable Funds, will be circulated nearer the AGM.

Members of the JCAAG will be Old Citizens and they will work with the CLS Development and Alumni Office to promote and support the aims and objectives of developing and maintaining a cohesive, engaged, and impactful alumni community.

This note is to give notice that those members of the JCC who are in attendance at the November 2023 AGM will be asked to vote on the below proposal, noting that a two thirds majority, in favour, of those present and entitled to vote will be required for it to be passed.

That the JCC merges with City of London School (CLS) and specifically the CLS Alumni, thereafter, to be known as the John Carpenter Alumni Community, by no later than 30th June 2024.