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Prominent Old Citizens

Old Citizens of note include Liberal Prime Minister (1908–1916) Herbert Asquith, writer Kingsley Amis, the mathematician and World War II codebreaker Max Newman and theoretical physicist Peter Higgs, who predicted the Higgs boson, the so-called "God Particle".

Over 140 people listed in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography were educated at the City of London School, and that includes only those who are already deceased.

Below is a list of prominent Old Citizens. Contact the Alumni Engagement Officer if you would like to add to this list. There is also a list in the back of 'Carpenter's Children' (1995), a copy of which can be purchased at Amazon.

A further list can be found in 'The City of London School' by A E Douglas-Smith, first published in 1937 with a revised and enlarged 2nd edition published in 1965. Copies of both editions can usually be purchased from one of the second-hand booksellers on Abe Books.

And of course there's a list on Wikipedia!

Name: John Altman
CLS years: 1961 - 67
Prominent British film composer, music arranger, orchestrator and conductor
Link: Wikipedia profile

Name: Joe Alwyn
CLS: 2009
Actor ('The Favourite', 'Mary Queen of Scots')
Link: Wikipedia profile

Name: Sir Kingsley Amis   
CLS years: 1934 - 41
English novelist, poet, critic and teacher
Links: Wikipedia profile
Name: Michael Apted
CLS years: 1952 - 60
Film Director
Name: Herbert Henry Asquith
CLS years: 1864 - 70
UK Prime Minister 1908 – 1916
Links: BBC, Wikipedia profile
Name: Jonathan Barnes
CLS: 1960
English Scholar of Ancient Philosophy
Links: Wikipedia profile

Name: Julian Barnes
CLS years: 1957 - 64
Author (Metroland, Flaubert’s Parrot, among others)
Links: Julian Barnes
Name: David Blundy
CLS years: 1956 - 63
War correspondent, killed in El Salvador, 17 November 1989
Links: OC Chris Gooderidge video
Name: Mike Brearley OBE
CLS years: 1952 - 60
Captain of the England cricket team, 1977 - 81
Links: Wikipedia profile
Name: Arthur Douglas Carey
CLS years: 1859 - 62
Commissioner of Customs for Bombay. Received RGS Founder’s Medal for extensive explorations in Xinjiang

Name: Suma Chakrabati
CLS: 1977
British Civil Servant who served as president of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development from July 2012 to July 2020
Links: Wikipedia profile
Name: Sir (Stanley) Paul Chambers
CLS years: 1915 - 22 (?)
Industrialist, Chairman of ICI 1960 - 1968
Links: Wikipedia profile

Name: Daniel Cohen
CLS: 1988 - 1995
Name: Danny Cohen
CLS years: 1985 - 92
BBC1 Controller 2010 - 2013, BBC3 Controller 2007 -2010, Director of BBC Television 2013-2015

Name: Lord (Lawrence) Collins
CLS years: 1952 - 60
Judge and former Justice of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom
Links: Wikipedia profile
Name: Robert Seymour Conway
CLS years: 1875 – 83
Professor of Latin and Indo-European Philology at Manchester University; authority on Livy and Virgil
Links: Wikipedia profile
Name: Jim Cousins
CLS: 1962
MP for Newcastle upon Tyne Central 1987 - 2010
Links: Wikipedia profile

Name: Jack Crawford
CLS year: 2006
NFL Football player
Links: Wikipedia profile

Name: Philip Dawid
CLS: 1964
Links: Wikipedia profile

Name: John Edgley
CLS years:Aerospace Engineer who was a master at the school and design the Edgley Optica aircraft

Name: Neil Edwards
CLS years: 1977 - 82
Scottish rugby international
Name: Ven E. W. Emery
CLS years: 1837 - 43
Archdeacon of Ely and founder of the Church Congress
Name: Henry Ettinghausen
CLS years: 1951 - 57
Professor of Spanish, Southampton University; authority on the Spanish Golden Age and Catalan studies
Name: Lewis Richard Farnell
CLS years: 1866 - 74
Rector of Exeter College, Oxford; Vice-Chancellor, Oxford University; authority on Greek religion
Name: Lord Geoffrey Finsberg
CLS years: 1940 - 42
MP for Hampstead; Parliamentary Under Secretary, Department of the Environment; President, Council of Europe
Name: John Knight Foterhingham
CLS years: 1885 - 92 (?)
Renowned historian and an expert on ancient astronomy and chronology
Name: John Gross
CLS years: 1948 - 52
Eminent English literary critic, author and anthologist; Editor of The Times Literary Supplement from 1974 to 1981; senior book editor and book critic of The New York Times from 1983 to 1989; theatre critic for The Sunday Telegraph from 1989 to 2005.
Links: Obituary

Name: Henry Cecil Grunwald QC OBE
CLS years: 1960 - 67
President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews. He became a criminal barrister in 1972 and a QC in 1999.
Name: Theodore Bayley Hardy
CLS years: 1879 - 82
Vicar of Hutton Roof, Kirkby Lonsdale; became an army chaplain a the age of 52; Chaplain to the King; died of wounds shortly after armistice in 1918
Name: W.R. Hartston
CLS years: 1958 - 1965
British chess champion 1973, 1975
Links: Wikipedia profile
Name: Sir Cyril Hawker
CLS years: 1913 - 18
Executive Director, Bank of England; Chairman of Standard Chartered Bank; President of MCC
Links: Wikipedia profile
Name: Michael Hennigan
CLS years: 1982 - 89
World under-18 chess champion
Name: Peter Higgs
CLS years: 1946 - 48
Physicist, predicted the so-called ‘ God Particle’, known as the Higgs boson particle
Links: Wikipedia profile
Name: Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins
CLS years: 1871 - 76
First professor of Biochemistry at Cambridge University. Won the Nobel Prize for his discovery of vitamins. President of the Royal Society and the British Academy.
Links: Wikipedia profile
Name: Sir William Huggins
CLS years: 1837 - 1839
English astronomer who revolutionised observational astronomy by applying spectroscopic methods to the determination of the chemical constituents of stars and other celestial objects.
Links: Wikipedia profile
Name: C.W.C. Hutton
CLS years: 1837
Sheriff of the City of London

Name: Steven Isserlis
CLS years: 1969 - 73
World renowned cellist
Links: Steven Isserlis
Name: Sir Francis Jacobs KCMG, QC
CLS years:
Advocate General at the Court of Justice of the European Communities 1988 - 2006

Name: Tim Jackson
CLS: 1983
Links: Wikipedia profile

Name: Lord Frank Judd
CLS years: 1945 - 53
Under-Secretary of State for the Royal Navy; MP for Portsmouth; Minister of State for Overseas Development; Director, Voluntary Services Overseas; Director-General, Oxfam
Links: Wikipedia profile

Name: Anthony Julius
CLS years:1967 - 73
Prominent British lawyer and academic, best known for his actions on behalf of Diana, Princess of Wales, and Heather Mills
Links: Wikipedia profile
Name: Sir Alexander Blackie William Kennedy
CLS years: 1858 - 62
A distinguished engineer intimately associated with the development in England of electric lighting, trams and railways; Professor of Engineering at University College, London; Chairman of the Admiralty Committee on Machinery Designs; Chairman of the Committee of Gun-Sights and Range-Finders during the War.
Links: Wikipedia profile
Name: Skandar Keynes
CLS years: 2002 - 10
Actor (The Chronicles of Narnia film series)
Links: Wikipedia profile
Name: Paul Klenerman
CLS years: 1973 - 81
British fencing team (sabre), Los Angeles Olympics 1984
Name: Sir Henry Edmund Knight
CLS years: 1846 - 49
Lord Mayor of London 1882 - 83

Name: Peter Kronheimer
CLS: 1981
Links: Wikipedia profile
Name: Jeremy Lawday
CLS years: 1959 - 66
British under-20 sabre champion 1966
Name: Compte Max Le Mansois-Field
CLS years: 1929 - 40
Chief Interpretator, NATO
Name: Sir Sidney Lee
CLS years: 1870 - 78
Biographer of Shakespeare and editor of his plays; founding trustee of the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, Stratford
Links: Wikipedia profile

Name: Lord Lester of Herne Hill QC
CLS years: 1947 - 55
Founder member, Social Democrat Party 1981; Commissioner, Bill of Rights Commission 2011
Name: Lord Levene of Portsoken KBE
CLS years: 1951 - 60
Lord Mayor of London 1998 - 1999. Chairman of Lloyd's 2002 - 2011
Links: Wikipedia profile
Name: David Malcolm Lewis
CLS years: 1939 - 45
Professor of Ancient History, Oxford University; authority on Greek inscriptions

Name: David Litman
CLS: 1971 - 1975
Name: Ernest Lough
CLS years:
His recording of Mendelssohn’s O for the Wings of a Dove with the Temple Choir in 1927 made him world famous; it was the first classical record to sell (by 1962) more than a million copies
Links: Wikipedia profile
Name: Luke McShane
CLS: 2002
Chess Grand Master
Links: Wikipedia profile

Name: Harry Michell
CLS years: 2003 - 10
Actor (Tom Brown’s School Days, Feather Boy)
Name: Lord (Victor) Mischon
CLS years:
Lawyer, legal advisor to Diana, Princess of Wales, during her divorce; Home Affairs spokesman in the House of Lords, 1983 – 90 and Shadow Lord Chancellor, 1990 – 92.
Name: Neil Morisetti
CLS: 1976
Royal Naval Officer
Links: Wikipedia profile
Name: Martin Neary
CLS years: 1948 - 58
Organist and Master of the Choristers at Winchester Cathedral and Westminster Abbey; President, Royal College of Organists.
Links: Wikipedia profile
Name: Max Newman
CLS years: 1908 - 15
Mathematician and World War II code breaker. Responsible for the construction of the world’s first computer at Bletchley Park.
Links: Wikipedia profile
Name: Denis Norden CBE
CLS years: 1933 - 40 (?)
Writer and broadcaster
Links: Wikipedia profile
Name: Sir Richard Packer
CLS years: 1953 - 62
Permanent Secretary at MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food) 1993 - 2000
Links: Wikipedia profile

Name: Sir Harry Smith Parkes
CLS years: 1840 -
Called ‘one of the makers of New Japan’; helped to draw up the Treaty of Tientsin in China; British Minister to Japan in 1865; the first white man to have an audience with the Mikado; Minister to China in 1883; Minister Plenipotentiary to Japan in 1884.
Links: Wikipedia profile
Name: Howard John Stredder Pearce
CLS years: 1958 - 68
Diplomat, Governor of the Falkland Islands and Civil Commissioner of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (SGSSI) until July 2006.
Links: Wikipedia profile

Name: Mark Pears
CLS: 1980
Links: Wikipedia profile
Name: Sir William Henry Perkins
CLS years: 1851 - 53
Discovered the first synthetic dye, aniline purple or mauve
Links: Wikipedia profile
Name: Michael Pinto-Duschinsky
CLS: 1962
Links: Wikipedia profile
Name: Arthur Rackham
CLS years: 1879 - 1884 (?)
Book illustrator
Links: Wikipedia profile

Name: Daniel Radcliffe
CLS years: 2002 - 06
Actor (played Harry Potter in the film series)

Name: John Reynolds
CLS: 1979
Eton Fives Champion
Name: E. Linley Sambourne
CLS years: 1855 - 56
Chief cartoonist of Punch; his Chelsea home is preserved as a museum and headquarters of the Victorian Society
Links: Wikipedia profile

Name: Sir John Robert Seeley
CLS years: 1846 - 52
First Regius Professor of Modern History, Cambridge University, 1869 (where he is commemorated by the Seeley History Library); anonymous author of the controversial Ecce Homo (1865).

Name: Ronald Senator
CLS years: 1938 - 1944
British composer and author
Name: Col. T.D. Sewell
CLS years: 1841 - 45
Grand Sword-bearer of England
Name: John Shrapnel
CLS years: 1959 - 61
Actor (appeared in Gladiator, Notting Hill, Elizabeth R, among many other movies, TV dramas and stage productions)
Links: Internet movie database
Name: Professor Bernard Silverman
CLS years: 1961 - 69
Chief Scientific Advisor to the Home Office, UK Government
Links: Wikipedia profile
Name: George Smith
CLS years: 1837 - 38
Founder of the Cornhill magazine, the Pall Mall Gazette, and the Dictionary of National Biography. Friend of Darwin, Ruskin, Charlotte Bronte, Thackeray, George Eliot and Browning

Name: Edward Stanford
CLS years:
Founder of Stanford's Ltd, now a pair of map and book stores based in London and Bristol
Links: Wikipedia profile

Name: Richard Kenneth Swan
CLS years:
Founder of the Swan Hellenic Cruise Line 1919 - 2005
Name: John Lawrence Toole
CLS years: 1841 - 45
One of the best-known Victorian actors; later produced several plays and burlesques at ‘Toole’s’ Theatre in London
Name: Thomas Fisher Unwin
CLS years: 1859 - 63
Founded the publishing company which hears his name
Name: F.C. Wace
CLS years: 1846 - 54
Fellow and Lecturer in Mathematics at St. John’s; Mayor of Cambridge

Name: Sir David Walker
CLS years: 1967 - 74
Master of the Household at Buckingham Palace

Name: Andrew Wong
CLS: 2000
Name: W.B. Young
CLS years: 1931 - 35
Scottish international rugby player