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School Staff - March 1949

How many can you put names to? 

The First Eight in training - 1954

On the Thames at Putney 

1966 Senior Athletics Team

How many of them are still athletes? 

1976 Biology 6th

They assure us they're pillars of respectability now . . . 

The John Carpenter Club (Old Citizens Association)

The Alumni association of the City of London School  

Year 5, 1995


OC Fives

Wood Plate, 2009 

OC Football Team, October 2010

Following a convincing win over Brentwood. 

OC Reunion

Class of 1976-77-78 

50 Years On

The Class of 1960 in the new School in 2010 

OC Golf Match against the School, June 2011

And the boys won, beating both the Masters and the Old Citizens! 

CLS Woodwind Orchestra 1972

On the stage in the Great Hall 

President's Address

Read JCC President John Gee-Grant's address at the 2017 AGM.

Members' News

New short film from Old Citizen Nicholas Hulbert's (2004-2012) independent film company Raunkiaer.


Welcome to The John Carpenter Club

The John Carpenter Club (JCC) is the alumni association of the City of London School. Old Boys from the School are known as Old Citizens – whether they’re aged 18 or 80!
There are Old Citizens in many different industries and professions, and members of the Club can offer useful information and contacts to current students and recent leavers in a variety of business sectors. The Club holds social and networking events, including reunions, professional group dinners, and an annual lunch for School leavers. We also have a thriving sports section.


One thing unites members of the JCC and that’s a respect for the quality of education that we all received at the School. The JCC helps to ensure that this quality of education is sustained and continues to be available to as wide a selection of talented students as possible. JCC members contribute to the School’s Bursary scheme, assist with careers events, and support the development of the School through regular contact with the Headmaster, students, staff and the Friends.
2014 - 2016 Leavers Reunion
19 April 2018
 Enjoy a drink and catch-up with other 2014-2016 leavers.
Old Citizens' Eton Fives Club 125th Anniversary Dinner
04 May 2018
If you are an Old Citizen with any links to fives, or even just a fondness for it, we would be delighted if you could help us mark the occasion of The Old Citizens' Eton Fives Club 125th anniversary this year.

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