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The JCC has a private Facebook Group with more than 1000 members, including Old Citizens and former teachers: The John Carpenter Club Facebook Group. You need to join Facebook to follow this group, which requires the supply of an email address or phone number. If you are concerned about privacy, here is an article you might find useful.

Other, associated groups include:

Old Citizens Eton Fives Facebook Group

City of London School for Boys - Class of 2010

City of London School for Boys - Class of 2011

City of London School - Class of 2015

LinkedIn - we have a main John Carpenter Club Group and professional groups for alumni in the medicallegalfinanceengineeringmilitary and creative industries, political sphere and public sector. You need to join LinkedIn to become a member of any of  these groups.

CLS Alumni Relations is on Twitter. You need to join Twitter to follow them.
City of London School website

City of London School on Wikipedia