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Eton Fives


It seems an eon ago - in fact some of the youngest members of the Old Cits Fives fraternity would barely have been conceived at the time - when I suggested introducing Fives back to CLS in 1997-8. I had such amazing support from the Old Cits community that it was actually not at all difficult to orchestrate a renaissance in the sport at CLS, especially with the help of the then Head of Sport, Chris Smith.

Fives won the day and went from strength to strength over the next five years until we ended up with the eighth seeds in the Schoolboys' National Championships (Jonathan Dave and James Burke). I also have a huge debt of gratitude to Howard Wiseman and Seb Cooley who set up the coaching organisation and expertise which enabled 'CLS Fives 2.0' to flourish.

I am honestly flushed with pride to see the CLS fives flame well and truly burning into the 21st century. In my 50th year, it brings me immense joy to know that somewhere, on the other side of the planet, there are people celebrating the club and the game which I have always loved, and I would be delighted to think I have played any part in that perpetuation of spirit, comradery and passion.

I raise my already empty cocktail glass to you all and look forward to seeing you on court or in the pub afterwards for a cheeky pint or perhaps a return of cut. I send my best wishes to you all and hope to see you when I am next in London this Christmas. Have a wonderful 125th year celebration!



Chairman: David White
Captain: John Reynolds
Secretary: Nick Gill
Treasurer: Stephen Kelly
JCC liaison: Mark Stockton

Practices are held most Thursdays from 7pm at Highgate. If you'd like to come along to say hello and have a game - especially if you've not played for a while, please email Ralph Morgan.


'Oldcitizens Etonfivesclub' is the name of the new Facebook Group set up by John Reynolds for all photos, reports and news. Why not join at