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OC Fencing


Contact for Fencing: Brian Millo

In December 1952 there was an announcement in the Gazette of a Fencing match with the School the following month, with exhibition bouts by some well-known fencers afterwards. This was to test the water to see if there was sufficient interest for the OCs to run regular Fencing events in future. It seems there was an interest, albeit limited, and Fencing made a slow start, and the sport is not mentioned again until 1957.
The Master-in-Charge of Fencing at CLS was Jack Wheeler, and he suggested the idea of an annual match between the School and OCs on Old Boys’ Day at Grove Park at the same time as the Cricket matches and Tennis matches. This was agreed. At that time the School was well represented at both Oxford and Cambridge Universities with some fencers in both teams. Fencing usually takes place indoors of course, but it was decided to use the grass surface near the pavilion to mark out the piste — the term for the area of play in Fencing — and to use the new technology of wiring up the contestants to record hits, a state-of-the-art feature used in our School fencing.
The club has usually had matches only with CLS, but in 1961 there was one of the few exceptions where we arranged to play against OMT (Old Merchant Taylors). We currently have an invitation from an Old Carthusian sabreur to play an Old Boys’ match at Charterhouse.
We still play matches against the School from time to time, and anyone who has the ability to use an Epée, Foil, or Sabre is welcome to make contact.

OC Richard Bonehill of Truro FC, Sabre Gold medallist at the 2010 Veterans' World Championships in Croatia, accompanied by medallist sabreur Jane Hutchison of Bath FC at the same event.