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Sports Club and their Contact Details

Welcome to the Sports Section of our website. You will see that there are dedicated areas for news of several sports clubs on our website: click on the appropriate heading in the menu on the left for more about each club.

Fencing and sailing have limited events, but are active clubs. Athletics, badminton and tennis are currently dormant, and squash has never run regular activities.

The Old Citizens Sports Club was officially formed in 1893 with football, cricket and Eton fives, although some matches took place earlier with games against the school, even though the school did not have a ground of its own and venues had to be hired. The Beaufoy Rowing Club can lay claim to the title of being the first sporting exercise, but it was a social rather than competitive university club for ex-pupils of the school. Cricket and fives have continued with breaks for wartime only ever since, and football thrived up until WWII even though CLS switched to rugby in 1929. When the school started rugby, the Old Citizens were quick to start playing too. It was a major sport from the 1930s through to the early 1990s. The school went back to football as the main winter sport, and the OCFC was relaunched in 1973, but petered out after some twenty years, before restarting back in its old home of the Arthurian League in 2010.

Other sports where the OCs have been involved have included rifle shooting, rowing, swimming, real tennis, cycling and fishing. The former three were active over a number of years.

Sports Committee

Chairman: Neil Edwards
Secretary: Mark Stockton




Richard Hillman
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Eton Fives

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Brian Millo
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Lawrence Anfo-Whyte
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John Featherstone
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Water Polo

Paul Bryan
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