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Where are they now?


29 July 2020
Click here to read interviews with the following Old Citizens ranging from diplomatic ambassadors to journalists and entreprenuers, conducted by the Alumni Team at City of London School:

Andrew Wong (Class of 2000)
Danny Cohen (Class of 1992)
Steven Isserlis CBE (Class of 1973)
Joe Alwyn (Class of 2009)
Raj Ghatak (Class of 1991)
Professor Paul Klenerman (Class of 1981)
Usama Hasan (Class of 1989)
Michael Pinto-Duchinsky (Class of 1960)
David Toube (Class of 1986)
Tim Levene (Class of 1991)
Drummond Leslie (Class of 1963)
Lawrence Anfo-Whyte (Class of 2008)
Joseph Ataman (Class of 2011)
Daniel Cohen (Class of 1995)
Will Tosh (Class of 1999)
George Hodgson (Class of 1999)
Alan Mendoza (Class of 1996)
Anthony Rudolf (Class of 1960)
Sir Bernard Silverman (Class of 1969)
Debodun Osekita (Class of 2006)

Have you got a story to tell? Whether it is a promotion, a new baby or a move overseas- the Alumni Team would love to hear about it. Head to Citizens Connect to post your own updates or complete the class notes form section.