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JCC Gazette

The JCC magazine, The Gazette, is mailed to Full Members who have requested a print copy once a year in the autumn.

If you do not receive a printed copy of The Gazette and would like to receive one, please become a Full Member by completing a JCC membership application form and sending it to the address shown.
Contributions to The Gazette are always welcome. Please send in your stories and photos to the Alumni Engagement Officer for inclusion in next year's issue.

Here are copies of recent editions in pdf format. All earlier editions can be viewed in the digital archive:

Issue 315 - Autumn 2020 PDF

Issue 314 - Autumn 2019 PDF

Issue 313 - Autumn 2018 PDF

Issue 312 - Autumn 2017 PDF

Issue 311 - Autumn 2016 PDF
      or   Flash

Issue 310 - Autumn 2015 PDF
      or   Flash

Issue 309 - Autumn 2014 PDF      or   Flash

Issue 308 - Spring 2014 PDF        or   Flash

Issue 307 - Autumn 2013 PDF
      or   Flash

Issue 306 - Summer 2013:  PDF   or   Flash 

Issue 305 - Spring 2013:     PDF   or   Flash

Issue 304 - Autumn 2012
Issue 303 - Summer 2012
Issue 302 - Winter 2012
Issue 301 - Autumn 2011
Issue 300 - Summer 2011 (pdf - 1.3MB)
Issue 299 - Spring 2011 (pdf - 891KB)                                
Issue 298 - Autumn 2010
(pdf - 8.2MB)
Issue 292 - Spring 2008 (pdf - 3.3 MB)
Note: Most browsers will open pdf files automatically. If it cannot you will need to use a PDF file viewer such as Acrobat Reader or Acrobat Exchange from Adobe Systems Incorporated. Click on the link below to download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe's website.  Download Adobe Acrobat Reader now