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Pre-publication orders open for 'The First Master'


29 May 2021
On 2nd February 1837, City of London School opened its doors for the first time to 441 boys. Presiding over the opening was John Allen Giles, an engaging but prickly character, whose eventful life (including three years as the School’s first Headmaster) is chronicled in The First Master, written by Terry Heard,  Old Citizen and former Second Master.

Pre-publication orders for the book open today, giving OCs the opportunity to purchase the book at a 20% discount, via the School bookshop at: The First Master: John Allen Giles and the City of London School (Hardback) by Terry Heard To be published August 2021 - John Carpenter Bookshop ( This offer closes on 26th July 2021.
Drawing extensively on Giles’ diaries and memoirs, official records, letters, documents and newspaper accounts of this period in the School’s history, ‘The First Master’ gives a fascinating insight into the City fathers obliged by Act of Parliament to establish the school, the First Master they chose to lead it, the staff they appointed and the dynamics between all these in this pioneering educational project.  
Profits from sales of the book will be donated to the John Carpenter Club's Asquith Bursary Scheme, a registered charity. 

The names of those placing pre-publication orders before 16th July will be listed in the book as ‘Subscribers’, unless they advise that they wish to remain anonymous.