Old Citizen Alex Brown brings three productions to Edinburgh Fringe 2018


21 June 2018
Alex Brown Producer at Fever Dream TheatreOld Citizen Alex Brown, co-founder and producer of Fever Dream Theatre, returns to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 this August with a trilogy of work: Wrecked, Impact and Basecamp.
All three productions use space in interesting and exciting formats, from tents to a crashed car, inviting audiences to experience theatre in new ways. 
“They explore the subjectivity of experience, presenting polarising stories and unreliable narrators and leaving it in the audiences’ hands to find their own truths amongst the intertwining voices,” said Alex. "Our aim is to play with agency, influencing the ways audiences interact with stories, while also playing with different formats and mediums of accessing and engaging with a story.”
Wrecked, the 2016 sell out hit, is a one-woman show performed to only six people in the confines of a crashed car. ‘InWrecked by Fever Dream Theatre at Edinburgh Fringe 2018 this powerful, intense show, you will be invited to a written-off vehicle, to experience the aftermath of Sam’s accident as her memory returns and she attempts to reconstruct the pieces of her life.’  Wrecked will be performed at Gilded Balloon, four times a day, every hour from 1330.
Impact, a monologue with a twist, is a new show in a series of work by Fever Dream Theatre ‘which grapples with the subjectivity of truth, toxic masculinity and how we find belonging. The guilty stands before you, offering their side of the story. The families of the victims can only share their pain and suffering through the written words; letters. They’ve written to you; will you allow yourself to be swayed by their words? Will you keep the letter to yourself or share it with others?’ Playing with different formats and mediums of access it Impact by Fever Dream Theatre at Edinburgh Fringe 2018has multiple stories  which members of the audience can engage with or share if they choose. The show will be performed in the This at the Pleasance Courtyards at 1420 throughout August.
Writer Jonathon Carr said, “Impact is about finding lost meaning in a world where lies and manipulation can have a huge impact. As a writer I wanted to challenge how we hear a traditional monologue, allowing us to experience both sides of a story.”
Basecamp is about a legendary rivalry, one mountain and two climbers seeking to be the best. The audience joins them at basecamp as they prepare for the challenges of the ascent. This site-specific show is set inside two separate tents where the audience will join only one of the two climbers, experiencing the subjective and different sides of this rivalry.  Basecamp by Fever Dream Theatre at Edinburgh Fringe 2018The show will explore truth, the subjectivity of experience and how such radically polarised stories can come from the same course of events. Basecamp will be performed at C Venues throughout August at 1345, 1500 and 1615.
Producer Alex Brown said, “in many ways the show is an analogy for conflict, and the way in which divisive viewpoints not only stem from a shared course of events but become entrenched. In a political age of fake news and the polarisation of politics, these questions seem more relevant than ever.”
Tickets for all of Alex’s shows are on sale now and can be purchased from the Edinburgh Fringe websiteYou can also buy tickets by phone through their ticket booking line on +44 (0)131 226 0000 or in person over the counter at 180 High Street, Edinburgh.