Nicholas Hulbert (2004-2012) launches 10-minute period drama


18 March 2018
Nicholas Hulbert's short film 'A Night in the Winter of the Revolution'Old Citizen Nicholas Hulbert (2004 - 2012) recently finished work on a 10-minute period drama set in the French Revolution, called 'A Night in the Winter of the Revolution'. This is the seventh short film produced by Nicholas' film company, Raunkiaer.

'Building on the directing I did while at CLS, I've been triying to break into the film scene,' said Nicholas. 'Particularly as a director, much of that can come down to developing shorts for film festival release, and part of the selection criteria for festivals is the existing audience for the film. We've just launched this latest short film on social media. If you're interested in the short or simply want to help out, it would be wonderful if you would 'like' the film on Facebook.'

Set in revolutionary France in the winter of 1792 - 1793, the film sees liberal noblewoman Adrienne harbouring a seriously ill Catholic priest as anti-clerical terror begins to stir in Paris. A mob led by her once fellow reformer, Marcellin, comes knocking at her door to search for the perceived traitor.