Anniversary dinner in Australia


21 August 2010

Jeremy Joseph (CLS 1954 - 1964) writes: "We had lunch together again today [21 August 2010] at a Thai restaurant quite close to the middle of Melbourne.  The event was slightly out of sync with our normal cycle because this was the tenth anniversary - approximately - of the round of meetings/lunches in which we find ourselves.  I don't know whether there were such meetings in Melbourne before 2000 but it seems unlikely that that was the case.

"The only people that we have met who were at that dinner ten years ago were Tony and Stella Hyde, and John Treverton.  Tony has organised the events since that time and retired from doing so today.  He's done an excellent job over that decade and, while we can understand that he might want to stop, we will miss his firm guiding hand on the wheel.  (Others have agreed to take on the role, but neither could make it today.)