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The Asquith City Bursary Scheme

One of ‘our’ Bursary Boys achieved excellent A Level results and was accepted to study medicine at university.  He said: ‘Each day I spent at this school has been an absolute honour and words cannot express my gratitude to the JCC whose generosity has made it possible for me to attend CLS’.
The Asquith Bursary Scheme is part of the School’s Scholarship Campaign launched by the Headmaster in November 2000 to allow able boys from financially disadvantaged backgrounds to attend the School on means-tested scholarships. The first boys entered in September 2001 and since then over two hundred boys have entered the School on full fee, means-tested bursaries.

Making a Contribution

To provide the necessary £9,000 a year for a half-bursary requires just thirty OCs to agree to pay as little as £20 or £25 a month for seven years. For every pound you give we now get an additional 25 pence from the Gift Aid tax credit and the Headmaster then finds Matching Funds to take your £1 up to £2.50.
Members who would prefer to make a lump sum contribution could give a multiple of £1680 or £2100 (seven years at £20 or £25 a month), and those who prefer annual payments could give multiples of £240 or £300 (twelve months at £20 or £25).  Of course any other amount will also be most appreciated.

Contributing to a Bursary is one of the most valuable ways we OCs can give something back to our School. This is particularly true if you were yourself in receipt of a Scholarship or Bursary when you attended CLS. Without the generosity of previous benefactors, or even the ratepayer (sadly no longer contributing), you would not now be reaping the benefit of a CLS education.

Make a donation using Virgin Money GivingPlease download this combined Gift Aid and Bankers Order form, complete and return it to me at the address quoted. Better still, set up the Bankers Order yourself, using online banking, and just send me the Gift Aid form.

Alternatively, click here to make an immediate donation using your credit or debit card.

With your help, I'm sure we can find the funding for a fifth boy to enjoy an exemplary education.

Make it your Legacy

It may not be an easy subject to think about, but leaving a Legacy in your Will can change lives long into the future. Even a small the amount can help us give yet another boy with exceptional potential from a modest background access to the opportunities and facilities offered by the School. Click here for further information.

Thanks for your support.

Alan Willis
Past President