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Playing an active part in the JCC

A message from past-President Bruce Todd (CLS '61 - '68, President '07 - '09)

We all remember our school lives in different ways. Some positive, some negative, some a mix of highs and lows.

I can personally recall moments of both triumph and disaster. There must also have been great stretches of routine in between.

But I know that my school experience shaped me in generally positive ways, and for that I’m grateful.

I also made firm friendships, some of which survive today. And for that I’m grateful too.

Which is why I was honoured to be asked to be President of the JCC. Not for nostalgic reasons, but to publicly mark my continuing debt to the school. And also to contribute to:

- strengthening further the relationship between today’s school, its students and its alumni
- ensuring Old Citizens sport continues to thrive
- enhancing the social opportunities for Old Citizens to meet, celebrate old friendships and forge new ones. 

The President and the General Committee oversee and direct the JCC’s strategy, and work closely with the School’s Development and Alumni Relations Office.

The Committee is a mix of young and older, and we’re always on the look-out for new, enthusiastic faces. The Presidency changes each year, while other positions, including the Treasurer, Honorary Secretary and Legal Counsel, tend to be longer-term commitments.

All these roles are really important in ensuring the JCC fully represents the interests of you, the members, and that it is efficient, effective and compliant in all it does.

In encouraging Old Citizens to play a role in the JCC, I want to ensure we cast our net as widely as possible in identifying potential candidates, so that no talent goes unnoticed or unconsidered.  

Some very well qualified people among you might be concerned that helping the JCC would be too time-consuming. But I can testify that having a senior role is not nearly as onerous as you may expect. And the time spent is more than compensated by the enjoyment and satisfaction gained from participating and giving back. 

If you would like more information about the various JCC roles, or would like to suggest either yourself or someone you think could be a good fit, then do please contact me at [email protected]. All enquiries will be treated confidentially.