Nominations Committee

A message from Bruce Todd, JCC President 2007-2009

I have just taken over chairing the JCC Nominations Committee. The Committee’s task is to identify potential candidates for the senior positions in the Club. The role of President sits at the top of our list, since the holder changes each year, but our remit also covers other important roles such as the Chairman of the Executive Committee, the Treasurer, Honorary Secretary and Legal Counsel.

"Today, having a senior role in the Club

is not nearly as onerous as you may expect"

All these positions are really important in ensuring the Club fully represents the interests of you, the members, and that it’s efficient, solvent and compliant in all it does.
Our primary focus is on candidates for the Presidency for the next 2-3 years, but we are also keen to build a list of talent for the other roles and for the longer term.
We want to ensure we cast our net as widely as possible in identifying potential candidates, so that no talent goes unnoticed or unconsidered.  Which is why I’m getting in touch with JCC members in this way.
We are aware that some very well qualified people may be concerned that being an officer of the Club is a time-consuming commitment. In the last few years the Club has instituted a number of changes to streamline the way it functions. Today, having a senior role in the Club is not nearly as onerous as you may expect. And you have the satisfaction of making an important contribution to the good governance of the Club and the interests of your fellow members.
If you would like more information about the various positions, or would like to suggest either yourself or someone you think could be a good fit for one of the roles, then do please contact me at All enquiries will be treated confidentially.

October 2015